Dec 12, 2017 MicroStation: Create a Pipe using VBA A VBA project CreatePipe.mvba provides answers to the above questions. It's a complete working VBA project with source code. The answers on this page explain the code's purpose. The Create Pipe project has a user interface provided by a VBA UserForm. There's a text box to let you modify the pipe diameter, and another to show the length of the CreatePipe - Ionic Wind Software Sep 17, 2007 Blender Addons - New Media Supply

Python Examples of win32pipe.CreateNamedPipe

Windowsで名前なしパイプを作成するには、CreatePipeを使う・・・。CreatePipe 関数WindowsAPIにはforkが無いし、パイプの扱い方もUNIXとは違うので、パイプによるプロセス間通信の実装は結構難しい・・・。C言語CreatePipeメモ(Hishidama's Windows C "CreatePipe" Memo)上記を参考に、UNIXシステムコールのpipeでやった Windows Anonymous Pipe - Oct 11, 2019 Unleashing anonymous pipes – Part 1 - CodeProject

CreatePipe. Create a pipe with circular or rectangular section. The command shows a window where you can select the circular or rectangular section. In function of the choose, fill the fields displayed with the section dimensions and then press OK. Then select the linear entities or arcs there to extrude the choosen profile. Usage

CreatePipe creates the pipe, assigning the specified pipe size to the storage buffer. CreatePipe also creates handles that the process uses to read from and write to the buffer in subsequent calls to the ReadFile and WriteFile functions. To read from the pipe, a process uses the read handle in a call to the ReadFile function. Windows Kernel Exploitation - Exploiting HEVD x64 Use