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The placement of the router affects the performance of your wireless network. Your router or wireless computers may be losing connectivity because of physical obstacles such as walls and floors. Try to move the computers to a different location to find a better signal. May 27, 2015 · I have a Belkin Router (10 yrs old) and an Optus modem. To improve the throw in the house I have a Belkin range extender. Today I tried a new Belkin Router but was dissatified with its performance. To begin we will need to connect a computer with an Ethernet cable directly to the Belkin router. You can do this setup connected to the wireless but you will be disconnected from your wireless router at least twice during the setup without using an Ethernet cable.

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In the above setup, your laptop would connect directly to the router, not to the modem. (In fact, all computers on the local network connect to the router, not directly to the modem.) Yea, verily, even in a wireless setting, the connection is the same. In fact, a wireless router connects by wire to the high-speed modem.

How to Connect Two Routers on a Home Network

May 21, 2014 · From this point on, router #1 will be called ‘Primary’ and router #2 will be referred to as the ‘Secondary’ or ‘client’ router. Option #1: Connect Two Routers. With option #1, you connect the LAN port of the client router to the LAN port of the primary router (do not use the WAN port on the client router). My Belkin N router F5D8233-4v3 Ver 3000 wouldn't connect my new desktop (Win 7 64 bit), either wired or wireless, yet my wifes 32 bit Win 7 laptop had no issues. I happened to have another version of this router (F5D8233 (no dash anything) ver 1002) that my son had been using at school to try an as soon as I hooked it up all my problems went away. Jan 13, 2013 · For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc. Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes. Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router. It can be an access point or a router for a LAN. The Edgepoint is primary. It is wired to a switch to which the Belkin (and other things are connected.). As things go, I can connect to the internet, but not to other things on the switch or other 10. addresses that the Edgepoint can reach. I am wondering if I have to give the Belkin a 10. address. Dec 02, 2008 · All you need to do is connect to the router with a WIRED machine. Then you can use the web interface to fully configure the router! The CD is only provided to make this easier for someone who doesn't understand a router in the first place. There are full directions on Belkins web site. Basically, connect a wired machine. Open a web broswer. Connecting a belkin router to a netgear router Basically I have a Belkin ADSL2+ Modem with Wireless G Router which is connected to my land line and i was wondering if it was possible to connect my Netgear DGNDD3300v2 to it via wireless to extend the range.