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Windows 10: Unblocking Blocked Websites - Technipages Jun 12, 2019 How do I unblock a website on my IPAD? | AnswersDrive On the Block Site Options page, enter the website you want to block in the text box next to the Add page button. Click the Add page button to block the website. Go the website for the proxy service, type the URL of the site you wish to unblock, and press Enter. 2. Browse the restricted site as you normally would. Notice that the address bar How to UNBLOCK BLOCKED WEBSITES, Access Blocked Sites

Click the Security'' tab Click the "Security" tab, select the "Restricted sites" zone, and then click the "Sites" button to open the Restricted Sites window. Select the blocked website Select the blocked website from the Websites list, and then click the "Remove" button to unblock it.

Since there are extensions that can unblock a site, there are extensions that can block a site too. In your chrome browser go to menu, settings, themes, open chrome web store. You can also directly visit from here Chrome webstore. Thereafter, click on the extensions module and search for “Block site” extension. How To Unblock Websites Blocked By Administrator On Chrome If the above Google chrome extension not working in your chrome or Chromebook then here you can use a another great VPN by this VPN you can access blocked websites In schools or anywhere by just install this plugin in your Google chrome browser extension and access blocked sites without proxy. The plugin name is Touch VPN. In this chrom extesion you can select your desirable countries and press to … Unblock Website Link URL Blocked By Facebook Yourself

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