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Gamepedia and Fandom have joined forces and our combined teams would like to encourage all Diablo fans to unite and work together as well. Please head to the community portal to discuss whether this wiki should merge with Fandom's Diablo community. The Cloak of the Garwulf Diablo 3: Marauder's Set Using The Cloak of the Garwulf vs Feb 09, 2016 Garwulf's Corner | Diablo Wiki | Fandom The Diablo III cloak The Cloak of the Garwulf is a possible reference to the column. References Edit ↑ 2014-03-16, Garwulf’s Corner: An Odyssey into Diablo and the World Beyond the Video Game . Does anyone know how to get a cloak of garwulf? - Diablo III

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May 15, 2012 diablo 3 - How do I get 4 wolves for a Demon Hunter? - Arqade I'm very new to Diablo III, I've just played for around 2 weeks. Today I had a Demon Hunter in Torment VI (with max bonus/sub dificulty) with 4 wolves join our group, so I've investigated in Google and I've found the Cloak of the Garwulf gear that gives you 2 more wolves (so a total of 3), but the gear is for level 50 and the bonus does not give you the other wolf so I suppose that exists a

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Marauder/Garwulf Survival - Demon Hunter - Diablo III Apr 10, 2017 6 hilarious, must-see builds for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Apr 24, 2014 Legendary Armor - Diablo III Wiki Guide - IGN Table of Contents. Click a link below to immediately jump to the corresponding part on this page.