However, with Spotify Free accounts, you can use Spotify in a different country for up to 14 days, due to licensing reasons. As thus, after 14 days elapses, the user will no longer be able to use it. Thankfully, there are many solutions to break this restriction.

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Difference between Spotify Premium and Spotify Free

What makes Spotify different? A brief guide to online Aug 05, 2011 Spotify Statistics (2020): Users, Subscribers & Fun Facts Spotify had 1,348 employees in the United States in 2017, which grew to 2,960 employees in Q3 2018. 9. Spotify had a valuation of $19 billion ahead of NYSC listing in 2017. Spotify’s growth rate is alarming. Just before the NYSC listing, the music app was valued at $19 in 2017, which is up from $16 billion in September 2017. It’s

You can generally only change your country based on your current geo-location (see Spotify Community: Can't update location). The reason why it is not possible to select any region of Spotify that you prefer is due to music licensing restrictions

Spotify doesn’t cost $9.99 a month everywhere… and that