Can I still use a URL shortener (like to shorten links? If you want to shorten links to share with others, please see this help page on how to post links on Twitter. You can continue to use a URL shortener to shorten links, and tracking metrics (like those …

Jan 28, 2010 · Today’s tools will solve this last issue: they will unshorten any URL you see on a web page to let you where they are linking (note: all the 4 tools will need a Greasemonkey plugin to run): Tool A simple tool to check if a given URL is a shortened URL (e.g., from You could either check if the given URL starts with a known URL shortening service or you could use the unshortener. The later one connects to the given URL and returns the original URL (when the server returns with a HTTP 200) or the URL of the redirect (when the Free URL Un-Shortener API Documentation. Free URL Un-Shortener is a free service to Un-Shorten the URLs created by URL shortening services. Learn more about this API. There is no magic way to unshorten a URL without asking the service which created the URL (and the way to ask will be different for each service), or more pragmatically, just opening the URL and watching where it redirects to. This URL unshortener support for the conversion of the short link of the only three URL shortener services that are, TinyURL, and All you required to enter the shortened URL in it’s unmask bar and click on the Reveal the destination URL button and in return, you will get the real destination of your provided shirt URL. Jan 02, 2019 · To go along with a URL shortener, you also need a URL unshortener! Shortened links can be hiding anywhere. With the Unshorten Chrome extension, any shortened link (such as or you

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Unshorten will also automatically remove known tracking cookies from the URL. Unshorten keeps a list of over 300 popular link shortening services and is updated regularly. Once the Chrome extension is installed you will be automatically redirected to our link expansion page any time you click on a shortened link, accidentally or intentionally.

May 19, 2020 Link Unshortener - Underpass Link Unshortener is a Mac app that expands shortened web links, following redirects until it reveals the destination URL. Unshorten.It API How To's | ProgrammableWeb Unshorten.It! is a URL unshortener that takes the uncertainty out of clicking on shortened URLs. It analyzes the website at the end of a shortened link and provides the title and description tags, a screenshot, and safety ratings provided by Web of Trust for the target website. Screenshots for popular websites will load quicker than those of less popular sites.